Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Wow!  Different energies abound.  I feel as if dense boulders have been moved from my path and I am the fresh stream, flowing with strength and purpose.  Limited belief systems no more!  Clearly a new day without exception.  Clean winds are blowing.  I can sense everything falling into place and can hear the locking of links as they secure themselves to one another.  We are the links.  A ground swell of opportunity pushing itself throughout creation, probing beyond limitation now.  Anticipated awakenings are here.  Look no longer to the future because the imminent expression is now.  In my mind’s eye I see sparks igniting other sparks.  We are all potentials sitting on powder kegs of light.  Are you feeling it?  We are all Masters in the Ultimate Master Class of Experience.  Nothing will ever be the same.  In my garden I had planted seeds of potential that are coming into full bloom.  No longer do I scuff the soil questioning my creations. Lavenders, blues and greens with a spattering of glowing gold paint my skies today.  I feel us all diving off the edge of “common sense”, propelled into a dimensional space beyond conjecture.  We have yet to fill this space.  We create it as we breathe and pulse.  Finer rays of vivid illumination take us higher into understanding.  Planetary activation has reached a new level.  Awakenings, shifting, release and acceptance are the roads being traveled by individuals and collectives.  You are becoming the archer, the bow and the arrow, stretching yourself taunt and ready for release, becoming aligned and exact as you sail through the air, hitting your mark.  Matching energies arise to meet your new grandeur, awakening your memories and shaking off the layers of illusion.  There are no words to describe an appreciation such as this, only experience.  I float.  What a lovely bubble of existence.