Sunday, January 6, 2013

In St. Lucia there is a most wonderful cafe and music venue called Snooty Agouti, (Snoodee Agoodee).  In an on-line description it tells of the food, cocktails and scrumptious desserts but it’s the last part of it’s characterization that I like the best.  The summary says that it’s offerings are served with “tranquillity and a cool breeze”.  I love that description and all that it represents.  

I have been to St. Lucia many, many times over the last twenty years and the restaurant’s name has come to mind and has been part of my vernacular ever since I first set foot into this quaint eatery.  Inside, the place is crammed with funky tables and oversized chairs, their guts spilling out nonchalantly on the floor.  If perchance you would like to sit in one of them and wait for a table, you’d have to push aside the stray cats that have been lucky enough to claim the seats before you, as they wait patiently to seize any food bits that drop to the floor.  

Then there is the business card. It is an illustration of an Agouti in a black top hat and red tails, clutching a bunch of balloons and standing on it’s hind feet in a dignified manner ... at least as dignified as a rodent can be.  To me, the drawing completely captures the atmosphere and the intent.  A tongue-in-cheek attitude that says; “Yeah, I’m a relative of a guinea pig and guess what?  I’ve got the world on a string.”  I have chuckled at the absurdity of the whole premise and at the same time, have admired the imagination and concept of it all ... the freedom to be who you are without apologies.  

I too have felt like an Agouti, especially now having just passed the imaginary dividing line that delineated the old year from the new one that is now upon us.  For all the conjecture and anticipation that was focused upon the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice found me peacefully cognizant of the world at large.  I tried to enter into that period without expectation.  As I meditated and went about my day, I felt a genuine connection to all, the seen and the unseen, an affinity to the web that links us together as one.  And in this connection, I felt possibilities, renewal and a strong sense of collective energy that was inspiring.  It was a very powerful time for me personally but the awareness that I was tapping into had potential on an even grander scale, an exponential fuse that once lit, would become a blinding undeniable force that would flood the planet.  The days of darkness were gone and we’ve just begun.  The feeling was big ... very big ... palpable and tangible.  The intense energies on that particular day and for many days that have followed were ones of allowing, flowing and love.  Yes, I know that word love gets used a lot, but it’s the only one with the magnitude that fits this feeling of kindness and compassion.  I am left with a clear sense that I have shifted and have landed on new ground.  This understanding and perception did not happen in a minute nor particularly on December 21st but it has happened gradually and to the extent where it is much easier to hold a higher heart vibration, rather than focusing on a duality-based illusion that occurs while living in my head.  

I guess you could say that I have made the shift,  the anticipated ascension and it’s a lot like the feeling of “tranquility and a cool breeze”.  Who knew that I would have so much in common with a Snooty Agouti?


  1. Congratulations on the shift. Always just a thought away. Good stuff.

  2. Waking Universe, thank you! I'm honored that you came to "In The Moment"! I'm on your blog all the time. Great "stuff" going on there as well. Deb