Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My dog Oliver shuffles his hairy paws to the back door and looks out of the screen.  He searches the landscape until he finds his anticipated desire; a chipmunk, nibbling on a piece of dirt or straw or grass or whatever it is that these little round-cheeked rodents nibble on.  What’s going through his mind, I wonder?  I watch him as he cocks his head sideways to get a better view of his prey.  Is he thinking that if he’s quick enough he can attack it?  Grab it and squeeze it till it pops?  What is he thinking?  Or is he just observing, not thinking but watching the chipmunk’s quick, jerky moves as the little creature munches away, having no notion that something much bigger is eyeing him and measuring the distance between the screen door and his warm flesh?  My god, life is just filled with these twists and turns, isn’t it?  One day nibbling on a straw, sucking down a cold Starbucks Decaf Cap and then the next minute falling head long into a life experience that you never envisioned for yourself … or so you think.  I don’t believe in “fate”.  I know that I create these life adventures solely from my own soul’s desire and free will.  The soul’s need for expansion is constant.  Is life just one big act perceived as scene after scene of “adventures” until the director yells, “Cut” and then we bow out?  I think that this is a lot closer to the truth than we consciously realize, but WE are the director who knows on some level when to yell “Cut”.  It is not an outside source telling us that our time is up.  WE are the source and know full well our potentials and possibilities even before we enter this stage of experiences, coming in on cue to the strong, hot hospital lights and the slap on the bum.  Reincarnation is a given.  How else would we learn?  We have entered into a game, an agreement by all of us that we would shield ourselves from the knowing that we are very powerful and very loved.  We moved into a very dense energy called Earth and pretended to cut ourselves off from Source.  Here we play hide and seek with ourselves, grasping at memories that float just out of reach and the remembering that we are the architects of this divine dream and the objective is to find ourselves again.   In this land of fog, mud and lower vibrations, we threw in the element of time, which of course does not exist but happens to be a useful tool in the matrix of the game.  What a brilliant idea!  We slowed it all down for the purpose of learning.  We have collectively agreed to pretend that not only are we separate from Source but separate from each other as well.  There is no separation.  We are all one.  We come back, life time after life time, playing the good guy, the bad guy, the girl, the black, the white, the ... the … the.  And in between life times, we rest.  We play.  We analyze and we get ready for the next reincarnation, getting all the players in line.  Earth is a pull, an enticing sphere of expression where we are all responsible players and enlightened souls seeing if it is possible to forget that we are the Angels that we are and find our way back to Source.   Who thought of this?  What a fabulous game!  And Ascension is here to change it all … but that’s a whole other story…


  1. The really like your observations about time. You never know.. Loving your thoughts!

  2. My Father use to say that IF god gave us free will he only gave us one choice, if we choose life the rest is left to circumstances out of our control, happen stance if you will, we can make choices, of course, but what brings us to step off the curb just when a bus is coming is unfathomable, its not fate but coincidence.. Well maybe, I don't believe in fate, I only know we should make the best choices we can, to do no harm if we can manage it, not so easy really, life is messy and unpredictable, so we go along gathering our nuts, nibbling on straw, with no idea of the hunger eyes watching us, we can only hope our reactions are quick and our feet are swift....