Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trickling Water Flows

Trickling water flows down the vine.  The kittens lap it up as it hits the ground, batting at the droplets.  The rain was heavy last night.  I could hear it from my bed.  I was waiting for you to come home but now in the strong morning light, I see that you’re not here next to me.  My longing is a worn out path that I don’t even bother to walk down anymore.  You’ll come home when you decide to come home.  Home … it means so much to me.  I’ve drawn the circle tighter now and allow only the innocent of hearts to stay and share my love.  No longer do I allow smiling strangers to the door.  I’m beginning to wonder about you.  Friend or foe?  Should I allow you in? 
I take refuge in the brook outside our house, far away from the traffic noise, the TV set and cell phones, where business deals are hatched and discussed ad nauseam for hours at a time.  I long for the quiet, my bare feet dangling ever so close to the cool spring stream.  What’s going on with me?  What’s going on with us?  I feel a sense of separation but not just from you.  My intolerance for the needless noise in the world, the tightness of thoughts in people and their inability to let their imagination soar has become a physical sensation, like a magnet’s repulsive force, I can’t get away fast enough.  I’ve stored a lot of wisdom under my belt over the years and feel like a pregnant woman ready to explode.  I can’t hold back any more.  I am finally giving birth.  With that thought in mind, I hold my breath, close my eyes and take the plunge into the cold water of the brook … only ankle deep, mind you, but it’s a start.  I quiet myself and feel my expanse.  I get glimpses/feelings of my “future” self, my “higher” self, vibrating and expanding into a space where there are no words.  My outer body sheds itself, as I become more chrysalis the higher I vibrate.  Aahh, yes.  This is home.  Grounded in the flow of the earth while as spirit, expanding into the world, into the universe … feeling peace … a unity with all and a knowing that this is our collective “future”.  This is our now.  This IS our time.  We are all giving birth.


  1. I understand this well "My longing is a worn out path that I don’t even bother to walk down anymore." great line and that undefinable sense of separation, not from anyone in particular but from the outside, and we seem to walk through it as if an observer of our "social" self negotiating the day to day, while really we are somewhere else....

  2. I love your words. You have great talent to be able to put feelings into words so others can relate. ♥ More please!!

  3. I appreciate your intentional attention to being with your thoughts as they are. Your awareness I suppose. Awaken to experience, instead of letting your life go by without living it. So beneficial. I look forward to more.