Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The tulips unfurl their wavy petals.  Parrot tulips in yellows, reds and oranges.  Their beauty is astounding to me.  They have always captivated me for reasons I find hard to put into words.  Have you ever looked at something or felt something that seems to encompass all your dreams and wonder?  When I look at these tulips I see parts of me that are hidden, even to myself, that are full of potential.  I see simplicity in their beauty, obvious but subtle, never screaming to be heard but rather a statement of fact.  I AM THAT I AM.  They delight me and make me feel good.  I need more of this.  I need to remember and carry this feeling inside of me when I travel these roads of life, though I am beginning to understand that the idea of “traveling a distance” is an old concept.  I am now more aware than ever that there is no time.  There is no distance.  We are living in the Now, always have, always will.  That concept, that knowing hangs around me for longer periods of “time”, but I can’t seem to fully embrace it.  It flutters away when I start to think about it.  I do know that when I shift my perspective and only focus on the Now, I’m more at peace. There’s not a lot of thinking that needs to take place.  For me, being in the Moment means giving no thought or energy to “past” events nor thinking about my “future”.  Being in the Moment feels as if I am very present.  I am not comparing or analyzing past events or anticipating ones in the future.  It is very pleasant, by the way, a resting point for me.  When I’m there, I don’t feel anxious, excited, worried or all those other feelings that bombard my senses.  What I feel is real and without judgment … kinda like those parrot tulips that are content in being.  I AM THAT I AM.  

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